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Jost Amman

Born: 1539, Switzerland, Zurich   Died: 1591, Nuremberg

Engraver. Son of a professor at the Collegium Carolinum and brother of the goldsmith Josua Amman (1531-1564). He probably served an apprenticeship in either Zurich or Basel. He travelled briefly to France but after 1561 he worked mainly in Nuremberg where he produced numerous woodcuts and engravings for book illustrations including works by classical authors such as Livy's 'History of Rome' and Josephus Flavius's 'Jewish War'. In 1581 he is recorded as an employee of the publisher Sigmund Feyerabend of Frankfurt am Main for whom he illustrated Bibles. Typically he only undertook the designs of the blocks and much of the cutting was done by his assistants

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