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Samuel Alken

Born: 1756, UK, England, London   Died: 1815, London

Painter, sculptor and printmaker. Entered the Royal Academy in 1772 as a sculptor but later specialised in the production of prints derived from the designs of other artists. He was noted as being the most adept amongst his contemporaries in the use of aquatint, a recent development in printmaking. His subject matter was primarily sporting, in particular depicting the hunting field, although he also produced satirical prints and, after 1788, was in much demand as a reproducer of topographical watercolours for contemporary travel guides. His work was influenced by the paintings of George Stubbs (1724–1806), and was felt to capture the essence of energy and movement. Some of his prints bear the pseudonym ‘Ben Tally-Ho’. Published the volume ‘A New Book of Ornaments Designed and Etched by Samuel Alken’ in 1779. Four of his sons became artists, including Samuel Henry Gordon Alken (1810–94), with whom his work is often confused, and Henry Thomas Alken (1785–1851), who became one of the most prolific sporting painters and illustrators of the era

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Caraig-cennin Castle PR288 Prints

Dinevanr Castle PR291 Prints

Druidical Remains in Anglesey PR290 Prints

Haverford West-Castle PR294 Prints

Llangollen PR292 Prints

Melincourt Cascade PR289 Prints

Pont-aberglaslyn PR296 Prints

Pont-y-prid PR297 Prints

Snowdon, from Capel careig PR293 Prints