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A Willing Suspension of Disbelief

A retrospective exhibition of the work of a previously little known Victorian photographer Maud Aspinwall (1865-1918).

24 October – 2 December 2005

Maud Aspinwall lived and worked in Lancaster apart from a brief visit to China in 1883 where she began to take photographs. Her cousin and close friend, Reginald Aspinwall (1863–1920) was a noted local artist who exhibited widely in London galleries, including the Royal Academy. Thus, although she had no artistic training herself, she had contact with artistic circles. Her work however was largely unseen and unrecognised during her lifetime.

Photograph by Pam Berridge

Photograph by Pam Berridge

The majority of her photographs, which deal with the subjects of death and memory, were motivated by the death of her infant daughter Fleur in 1886.