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The School of Art has many fine watercolours and drawings in its Collection. Of special interest are the Pre-Raphaelite and other Victorian watercolours and drawings bequeathed to the University by George E.J. Powell of Nanteos in 1882. These include works by J.M.W. Turner, Samuel Prout, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne Jones, Charles Cattermole, Rebecca Solomon and her brother Simeon Solomon who was a close friend of Powell.

Sir John Williams bequeathed many significant works to the University in 1926; these were mostly oil paintings but the outstanding volume of some 198 pencil, ink and wash drawings by the Italian painter Tommaso Minardi (1787–1871) is the only known collection of such works outside Italy.

In the 1960s and 1970s we acquired works by Ceri Richards, Mildred Eldridge, Will Roberts, Gwilym Prichard and Ernest Zobole as part of a collection of contemporary Welsh art and in more recent years, the University has acquired drawings and watercolours that complement its print collection, amongst these significant holdings of watercolours and drawings by Bernard Cheese, John Elwyn, Handel Evans, Evelyn Gibbs, Edward Bouverie Hoyton and John Roberts.

Watercolour by Ernest Zobole, 1962

Watercolour by Ernest Zobole, 1962