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The School of Art Gallery and Museum has a small collection of decorative objects. We are currently working on the digitised cataloguing of these items and they will appear on the web-site as soon as possible.

Anonymous, Bowl De4
Bronze with gilding on brass
Anonymous, Brass lantern in the form of a church De5
Brass and glass
Anonymous, Brooch DE33
Anonymous, Candlestick DE6
Limoges enamel
Anonymous, Candlestick DE7
Limoges enamel
Anonymous, Carving of a harp on a stand DE51
Bog oak
Anonymous, Dagger DE49
Anonymous, Encased marble etching DE53
Marble, cardboard, glass
Anonymous, Figure DE20
Brass, bone, semi-precious stone
Anonymous, Figure on pedestal DE19
Brass, enamel, pearl, ebony
Anonymous, Glass cup De18
Rock crystal, metal and enamel
Anonymous, Head of ring DE26
Metal, stone Dante
Anonymous, Head of ring DE32
metal, stone
Anonymous, Hollow metal ball with vine leaf attached DE42
Brass, alloy?
Anonymous, Lacquered seal DE38
Anonymous, Lacquered seal DE39
Lacquer, paper
Anonymous, Lantern DE5
Brass, glass
Anonymous, Latch ? DE52
Metal, semi-precious stone
Anonymous, Miniature suit of armour DE1
Anonymous, Miniature suit of armour DE2
Cardboard, glass, metal
Anonymous, Ochre opaque glass phial De44
Anonymous, Pendant DE15
Metal, enamel, jewel
Anonymous, Pendant DE16
Metal, enamel, rock crystal
Anonymous, Pendant DE47
Anonymous, Plaque DE9
Enamel on copper
Anonymous, Plaque DE10
Enamel on copper
Anonymous, Plaque DE11
Enamel on copper
Anonymous, Plaque DE12
Enamel on copper
Anonymous, Plaque DE14
Anonymous, Plaque showing a hunter DE13
Enamel on copper
Anonymous, Ring DE22
Anonymous, Ring DE23
Metal, stone
Anonymous, Ring head DE30
Anonymous, Seal casket ? DE34
Metal, glass
Anonymous, St Roch DE8
Enamel or copper, wood
Anonymous, Stamp DE46
Metal, stone
Anonymous, Statuette De3
Anonymous, Stone DE24
Semi-precious stone
Anonymous, Stone for ring seal DE31
Anonymous, Stone of ring DE29
Rock, crystal ?
Anonymous, Stone of ring ? DE28
Anonymous, Top of a perfume bottle ? DE35
Anonymous, Two balls and pendants DE40
Anonymous, Two buckles DE41
Anonymous, Two figure holder DE17
Metal, glass, enamel