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Acquisitions Policy

Graphic Art

To form a collection of Graphic Art (works on paper) of national significance, it is the intention to:

acquire contemporary prints so that the collection is continuous and representative;

fill gaps in the existing collection so that it may be representative of the history of printmaking;

attract collections and related archives with regard to their value for teaching and research;

acquire photographs as part of the history of printmaking;

acquire works of graphic art (such as drawings, paintings on paper, and private press books) that relate to the history of printmaking;

acquire prints that are useful in the teaching and understanding of the history of printmaking, particularly with regard to the history of process;

be mindful of the collections of Welsh topographical prints, drawings and photographs held at the National Library of Wales;

ensure that a wide perspective is maintained in the Acquisition Policy by consultation and by allowing other experts to influence choice;

negotiate, where appropriate, further gifts and bequests, financial support and assistance.