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Kimpei Nakamura

Born: 1935, Japan, Kanazawa

Ceramicist. Born in Kanazawa, Japan an area known for Kutani ware-highly ornamentalized porcelain. He came from a family of potters but feeling no affinity with traditional pottery, he studied sculpture at Kanazawa Art University. While working in a Tokyo restaurant, he became inspired by the ceramics used there made by Rosnjin Kitaoji.In 1964 he saw an exhibition of work by Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkous and was inspired by the boldness and freedom of the funk ceramics movement. Although Nakamura initially experimented with form, surface and scale, utility was still an important aspect of his work as well as using traditional kilns and local clay. By the late 1990s, he was using shop bought clay and an electric kiln and was exploring Japanese kitcsh. His ceramics include casts of industrial components as well as organic material such as rocks and twigs. His surface decoration is bold and garish and his palette has been compared to the colours of the Kabuki theatre. His work is an exploration of Japanese culture, traditional and popular. He is Professor of Ceramic Art, Tama Art University, Tokyo

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Abstract piece] C958 Ceramics

[Plate] C959 Ceramics