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John Maltby

Born: 1936, UK, Lincolnshire, Cleethorpes

Ceramicist. He studied at pottery at Goldsmith's College in London, where he originally trained as a sculptor. At first he worked with David Leach but in1966 set up his own pottery at Crediton in Devon where he made domestic ware in the Leach tradition. However by the 1970s he began to develop more sculptural vessels. After a major illness in 1996 when he was no longer able to throw pots he turned to small-scale sculpture. These often combine animal and figure forms and have an ancient, timeless feel to them

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

'Estuary Dish' C1009 Ceramics

'Goldfish Bowl' C1008 Ceramics

[Bird figure on wooden plinth] C1537 Ceramics

[Bowl] C902 Ceramics

English Garden C901 Ceramics

[Jug] C1011 Ceramics

[Square Dish] C1311 Ceramics

Stone Flower C1523 Ceramics

[Tile] C1712 Ceramics

[Vase] C1010 Ceramics