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Geoffrey Whiting

Born: 1919, UK, England, Northumbria   Died: 1988

Ceramicist. Initially he studied architecture and only developed an interest in potting when he came into contact with village potters in India during the Second World War. On his return he was deeply inspired by A Potter's Book, the influential text which Bernard Leach had published in 1940. He taught himself pottery and set up workshops first in Worcestershire and, after 1971, at St Augustine’s Pottery in Canterbury. He became known as one of the finest exponents of the ‘Leach Tradition’ inspired by the simple forms and subtle, natural colours of early Korean and Chinese ceramics of the Sung period (960-1279AD). His teapots are especially admired for their simple elegant shapes and functionality

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Bowl] C1215 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1216 Ceramics

[Slab Bottle] C1277 Ceramics

[Teapot] C894 Ceramics

[Teapot] C895 Ceramics

[Teapot] C896 Ceramics

[Vase] C1217 Ceramics