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Nantgarw Pottery

   Active: 1813 &1817-20

The Nantgarw Pottery, situated in the Taff Valley north of Cardiff, was established in 1813 by the decorator William Billingsley (1758-1828) and his son-in-law Samuel Walker. Billingsley hoped to produce high quality soft paste porcelain but met with technical difficulties losing up to ninety per cent in firings. Consequently the business closed in 1814 and Billingsley and Walker moved to Swansea where they worked for Lewis Weston Dillwyn at the Cambrian Pottery. In December 1816 Billingsley returned to Nantgarw and was later joined by Samuel Walker and by William Weston Young. Between 1817 and 1820 they produced some fine, richly decorated porcelain, however, the factory closed again in 1819 when it is thought Billingsley left for Coalport. Afterwards Weston Young employed Thomas Pardoe (1770-1823) to decorate the remaining blanks

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Circular plate] C706 Ceramics

[Circular plate] C707 Ceramics

[Circular plate] C708 Ceramics

[Small urn] C712 Ceramics

The Least Butcher Bird C705 Ceramics