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Charles John Noke

Born: 1858, UK, England, Worcester

Ceramicist and designer. Son of an antiques dealer. Studied part-time at Worcester College of Design whilst also serving an apprenticeship at the Royal Worcester Factory. He worked as a modeller at Royal Worcester until 1889 when he moved to Burslem to join Doulton as a designer. At Doulton he became head modeller and was later appointed Art Director. Along with the chemist Bernard Moore, he developed the Doulton flambé glazes which first appeared in 1904. He produced ornamental pieces, figurines, animals and designed a number of production lines including Kingsware, Series Ware, Chang ware and Chinese Jade. Noke's sons, Cecil and Jack, were also ceramic designers

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

['Chang' bowl] C398 Ceramics

['Chang' globular waisted vase] C401 Ceramics

['Chang' vase] C399 Ceramics

[Chang pot] C400 Ceramics