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Henri Simmen

Born: 1880, Belgium?   Died: 1963, Nice?

Ceramicist and writer. Originally intended to study architecture but turned to ceramics serving an apprenticeship under Edmond Lachenal (1855-1930), c.1900. His early work was inspired by folk traditions and European ceramics including faience and salt-glazed stoneware. After the First World War he travelled to China, Korea and Japan where he learnt oriental techniques. On his return he set up a Paris studio in Moudon where he produced hand-modelled pieces with monochrome glazes sometimes employing sculptural decoration. His Japanese wife, Eugénie O'Kin (1880-1948), made ivory and horn carvings which were used as stoppers, lids and bases on Simmen's pots. Due to concerns over his health he ceased to pot in 1937 and retired to Nice. He wrote 'Les Aphorismes d'un Homme de la Terre'

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Lidded pot] C353 Ceramics