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Michael Ambrose Cardew

Born: 1901, UK, England, London, Wimbledon   Died: 1983

Ceramicist. Studied humanities at Exeter College, Oxford, 1919-23, and an apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery in 1923. He then worked alongside Bernard Leach until 1926 before establishing his own pottery at Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. From 1936 he worked with Ray Finch who ran the Winchcombe business from 1939 allowing Cardew to set up a new pottery at Wenford Bridge, Cornwall. Wartime commitments meant the enterprises virtually ceased production and Cardew instead took up a teaching post at Achimota College, Ghana, 1942-45. Remaining in Ghana he established a pottery at Vumé on the Volta River, 1946-48. In 1950 he was appointed Pottery Officer for Nigeria and later taught at his Pottery Training Centre in Abuja where he lived for ten months of the year until 1965. His early work included slip decorated earthenware with galena glaze. His later work was influenced by traditional African ceramics

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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C1763 Ceramics

[Baking/Serving dish] C1363 Ceramics

[Bottle] C239 Ceramics

[Bottle] C240 Ceramics

[Bowl] C252 Ceramics

[Bowl] C253 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1750 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1751 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1752 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1753 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1754 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1767 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1768 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1770 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1777 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1778 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1779 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1780 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1781 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1782 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1783 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1784 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1785 Ceramics

[Bowl] C2012 Ceramics

[Bread Croc] C1805 Ceramics

[Bulb bowl] C255 Ceramics

[Casserole] C1765 Ceramics

[Chalice] C1746 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl] C1786 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl] C1787 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl] C1788 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl] C1789 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl with handles] C1769 Ceramics

[Covered Dish] C1809 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1794 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1795 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1796 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1797 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1798 Ceramics

[Cup and Saucer] C1799 Ceramics

[Dish] C264 Ceramics

[Dish] C265 Ceramics

[Dish] C266 Ceramics

[Dish] C1812 Ceramics

[Drug pot] C246 Ceramics

[Drug pot] C249 Ceramics

[Gwari Casserole] C1756 Ceramics

[Gwari Casserole] C1757 Ceramics

[Gwari Casserole] C1758 Ceramics

[Gwari Casserole] C1759 Ceramics

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