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Reginald Fairfax Wells

Born: 1877   Died: 1951

Ceramicist. Studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art and then ceramics under Richard Lunn at Camberwell School of Art, 1890s. He ran studios at Coldrum near Wrotham, Kent, c.1900-09, Chelsea, 1909-14 and 1919-24, and Storrington, Sussex, 1925-51. He produced large jars and vases, often three-handled, in slipware, lead-glazed ware, Soonware and stoneware. He also made tiles and modelled terracotta figure groups. He had a life-long interest in aviation and during the First World War he established the Wells Aviation Company at his premises in Chelsea. He is often considered as the first 'studio potter' being active a generation before Bernard Leach

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Bottle] C88 Ceramics

[Bowl] C101 Ceramics

[Bowl] C79 Ceramics

[Bowl] C80 Ceramics

[Bowl] C90 Ceramics

[Bowl] C91 Ceramics

[Bowl] C92 Ceramics

[Bowl] C97 Ceramics

[Bowl] C98 Ceramics

[Figure of a rabbit] C448 Ceramics

[Figure of a rabbit] C449 Ceramics

[Jar] C83 Ceramics

[Jar] C84 Ceramics

[Jar] C85 Ceramics

[Jar] C87 Ceramics

[Jar] C89 Ceramics

[Jar] C93 Ceramics

[Jar] C94 Ceramics

[Jar] C95 Ceramics

[Jar] C96 Ceramics

[Jar?] C86 Ceramics

[Vase] C100 Ceramics

[Vase] C81 Ceramics

[Vase] C82 Ceramics

[Vase] C99 Ceramics