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Joseph Wolf

Born: 1820, Germany, Koblenz, Morz   Died: 1899, London

Painter, printmaker and illustrator. Served an apprenticeship with the Becker Brothers, lithographers in Koblenz, 1836-39. He then worked as a lithographer whilst also studying art at Darmstadt and Antwerp. He moved to London in 1848 where he established a career as a wildlife artist specialising in birds and for a while in the 1860s shared his studio with the illustrator Johann Baptist Zwecker (1814-1876). In 1851 he was appointed official artist for the Zoological Society of London. He illustrated numerous publications for scientists such as John Gould, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, and for explorers including the African memoirs of Dr Livingstone

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Young Bacchus with a panther / leopard] OP155 Oil Paintings

A Scrimmage with a Tiger PL4908 Prints1860s

African Elephants PL4914 Prints1860s

Bird Notes PL4919 Prints1860s

Birds of Passage PL4893 Prints1860s

Birds of the Beach PL4900 Prints1860s

Birds of the Mountain PL4909 Prints1860s

Forest Deer PL4897 Prints1860s

Herons and Bitterns PL4910 Prints1860s

Kangaroos and Opossums PL4918 Prints1860s

May Time PL4920 Prints1860s

Our Fox Toby PL4901 Prints1860s

Our Pets PL4880 Prints1860s

Our Pets PL4881 Prints1860s

Our Pets PL4882 Prints1860s

Our Pets PL4883 Prints1860s

Our Winter Warblers PL4911 Prints1860s

Praise God Upon the Earth PL4905 Prints1860s

Rats and Mice PL4912 Prints1860s

Scenes from Nature PL4884 Prints1860s

Settlers from Abroad PL4875 Prints1860s

Skatta PL4894 Prints1860s

The Aye Aye PL4898 Prints1860s

The Aye Aye PL4906 Prints1860s

The Crow of Ceylon PL4877 Prints1860s

The Cuckoo PL4889 Prints1860s

The Eagle PL4896 Prints1860s

The Golden Oriole PL4902 Prints1860s

The Harvest Mouse PL4888 Prints1860s

The Kingfisher PL4899 Prints1860s

The Last Wolf in Gwentland PL4916 Prints1860s

The Nightingale PL4895 Prints1860s

The Old Elephant PL4891 Prints1860s

The Owl and the Magpie PL4917 Prints1860s

The Ravens PL4921 Prints1860s

The Red Deer of Devon PL4903 Prints1860s

The Robin Redbreast PL4913 Prints1860s

The Swallow PL4887 Prints1860s

The Swan PL4885 Prints1860s

The Yak in France PL4878 Prints1860s

Unchanging PL4876 Prints1860s

Ursine Dasyure PL4907 Prints1860s

White Cats PL4886 Prints1860s

Wild Asses PL4879 Prints1860s

The Panther WD452 WaterColourOrDrawings