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Tommaso Minardi

Born: 1787, Italy, Faenza   Died: 1871, Rome

Painter and writer. Studied with the engraver Giuseppe Zauli (1763-1822) in Faenza before travelling to Rome in 1803 where he studied at the Accademia di San Luca and in the studio of Vincenzo Camuccini (1771-1844). He became Director of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Perugia, 1819-21, before returning to the Accademia di San Luca as Professor of Drawing, 1822-58. He rejected some of the traditional academic means of study believing that a spiritual perception of nature was more valuable and, in 1842, he co-signed Antonio Bianchini's (1803-1884) 'Del purismo nelle arti' (Purist Manifesto). He produced religious paintings and drawings and spent 13 years producing a drawn copy of Michelangelo's 'Last Judgment'

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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[A young man serenades a young woman] WD235 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Angel with sword and keys] WD324 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Bacchanalian scene] WD161 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Christening / blessing of a baby] WD155 WaterColourOrDrawings

Figura Simboleggiante il Vento WD176 WaterColourOrDrawings

Figura Simboleggiante il Vento WD177 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Floating male figure] WD175 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Floating woman / angel] WD172 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Four soldiers, one on horseback] WD194 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Four studies of standing female figures] WD281 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Group of four stooping figures] WD159 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Group of sixteen figures] WD262 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Group of three young women] WD139 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Kneeling figure] WD153 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Sketch of a kneeling woman] WD239 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Sketch of a woman in mourning robes] WD336 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Sketch of three robed figures] WD206 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Studies of a baby and three women] WD254 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Studies of seven figures in three groups] WD214 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Studies of two robed female figures] WD154 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Studies of two standing women] WD156 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a family? group] WD181 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a figure group] WD183 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a figure in swirling robes] WD168 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a floating angel and woman] WD291 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a floating figure / angel?] WD174 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a floating woman / angel] WD173 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a flying angel] WD251 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a flying angel] WD318 WaterColourOrDrawings

[Study of a flying angel] WD334 WaterColourOrDrawings

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