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Henry Fuseli

Born: 1741, Switzerland, Zurich   Died: 1825, Putney Hill, London

Painter and art critic. Also known as 'Johann Heinrich Füssli'. Son of the portraitist Johann Caspar Füssli (1707-1782). Trained as a priest but never practised. Came to London in 1765 initially to explore his interest in English literature. Encouraged by Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792), he took up painting and then studied in Italy, 1770-78, where he was inspired by the work of Michelangelo. In 1799 he was elected Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy and became Keeper in 1804. An important figure of the Romantic Movement, he is principally known as a history painter with favourite subjects including scenes from the works of Shakespeare and Milton. He wrote 'Lectures on Painting', 1801, and earlier in his career translated an important work on Greek Art by Johann Winckelmann (1717-1768)

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