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Angus McBean

Born: 1904, UK, Wales, Monmouthshire, Newbridge   Died: 1990

Photographer. Son of a surveyor. Began as a bank clerk in Monmouth, 1921-24. Worked for Liberty's in London, 1926-33, as an antiques salesman. He then trained with the portrait photographer Hugh Cecil, 1934-35. He later established his own theatrical photography studio where he produced imaginative, often surreal, portraits of film and theatre stars including Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. He also created annual Christmas cards which usually featured self portraits.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Adam Shand Kydd PH1697 Photography

Alastair Sim PH1713 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1709 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1710 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1711 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1712 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1714 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1715 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1717 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1722 Photography

Alec Clunes PH1723 Photography

Alexis Rassine PH1682 Photography

Anthony Quayle PH1666 Photography

Audrey Hepburn PH1673 Photography

Audrey Hepburn, 1951 PH521 Photography

Berto Pasuka PH1643 Photography

Berto Pasuka PH1644 Photography

Chanel advertisement PH1664 Photography

Charles French PH1728 Photography

Charles French PH1729 Photography

Charles French PH1730 Photography

Charles French PH1731 Photography

Christmas Card 1950 PH1679 Photography

Christmas Card 1951 PH1667 Photography

Christmas Card 1951 PH1678 Photography

Christmas Card 1955 PH1658 Photography

Christmas Card 1956 PH1655 Photography

Christmas Card 1956 PH1675 Photography

Christmas Card 1959 PH1694 Photography

Christmas Card 1961 PH1663 Photography

Christmas Card 1982 PH1724 Photography

Claire Bloom PH1685 Photography

Claire Luce PH1642 Photography

Cliff Richard PH1652 Photography

Coral Browne PH1726 Photography

Coral Browne PH1727 Photography

Coral Browne and Leo Genn PH1725 Photography

[Cover of album (back)] PH1559 Photography

[Cover of album (back)] PH1635 Photography

[Cover of album (front)] PH1470 Photography

[Cover of album (front)] PH1560 Photography

Dame Sybil Thorndike PH1688 Photography

Edith Evans PH1716 Photography

Eileen Herlie PH1648 Photography

Flora Robson PH1719 Photography

Frankie Vaughan PH1656 Photography

Helen Wills Moody PH1637 Photography

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