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School of Art

Contact Details

School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


Display artist/maker:

Francis Wilfred Lawson

Born: 1842   Died: 1935

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Grace's Fortune PL2594 Prints1860s

Grace's Fortune PL2595 Prints1860s

Grace's Fortune PL2596 Prints1860s

Grandmother's Story PL2590 Prints1860s

In The Time of The Lollards PL2597 Prints1860s

Jewels in Danger PL2692 Prints1860s

Le Fleur De Ruel PL2601 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2634 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2707 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2708 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2709 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2710 Prints1860s

Lettice Lisle PL2711 Prints1860s

Lucy's Garland PL2582 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2584 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2585 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2695 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2696 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2693 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2694 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2697 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2698 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2704 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2705 Prints1860s

M. or N. PL2706 Prints1860s

Mary Eaglestone's Lover PL2603 Prints1860s

Mary Eaglestone's Lover PL2604 Prints1860s

Mary Eaglestone's Lover PL2605 Prints1860s

Mary Eaglestone's Lover PL2606 Prints1860s

Mildred Grant PL2583 Prints1860s

Mother and Child PL2715 Prints1860s

Mrs. Bateman as Leah PL2571 Prints1860s

My Faithful Star PL2621 Prints1860s

My Turn Next PL2613 Prints1860s

Never Mind a Pinch PL2622 Prints1860s

Nina - Under the Willows PL2699 Prints1860s

Not Dead but Gone Before PL2623 Prints1860s

Only for the Season PL2712 Prints1860s

Our New Bearer PL2580 Prints1860s

Punctual PL2718 Prints1860s

Sigurd PL5131 Prints1860s

Sketches at H. M. Opera PL2626 Prints1860s

Sketches at H. M. Opera PL2627 Prints1860s

Snapdragon PL2616 Prints1860s

Stone Edge PL2609 Prints1860s

Stone Edge PL2610 Prints1860s

Stone Edge PL2611 Prints1860s

Stone Edge PL2612 Prints1860s

Summer Memories PL2720 Prints1860s

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