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Derrick Greaves

Born: 1927, UK, England, Sheffield   Died: 2022

Painter and printmaker. First worked as a signwriter. Studied at the Royal College of Art, 1948-52. He won both an Abbey Major Scholarship to Italy, enabling him to study at the British School at Rome between 1952 and 1954, and the Gold Medal for Painting at the Moscow Youth Festival in 1953. As a prominent member of the 'kitchen sink' group, he was chosen to represent Britain in the 1956 Venice Biennale. He taught part-time at St Martin's School of Art, 1954-64, Maidstone College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools, 1960s, and was Head of Printmaking at Norwich School of Art, 1983-91. Despite his reputation as a painter he has created numerous suites of screenprints, monoprints and etchings

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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[Abstract painting with fruit] PR2372 Prints

Also PR2379 Prints

At the Farm PR2726 Prints

Autumn PR2731 Prints

[Bearded Man] PR2358 Prints

Bilitis PR2369 Prints

Bilitis Gazing PR2368 Prints

Bilitis Gazing PR2370 Prints

Black with Shadow PR2717 Prints

Blue PR2729 Prints

Blue Begonia XX PR2373 Prints

Blue on Grey PR2715 Prints

Elephants (The Herd Moves On) PR2733 Prints

[Girl with white collar] PR2355 Prints

Grey on Blue Grey PR2716 Prints

Hand Flower Vase PR2365 Prints

Lapel (coloured) PR2363 Prints

Measuring the Pyramids PR3071 Prints

Morning PR2376 Prints

Morning (Seven Colours) PR2728 Prints

Mossy Garden PR2723 Prints

Moth PR3069 Prints

[Mother and child] PR2359 Prints

Night Descends on the Garden PR2724 Prints

Night PR2378 Prints

Noon PR2377 Prints

[Nude] PR2371 Prints

Nude (Blue Two) PR3079 Prints

Nude (Mauve/Yellow Hair) PR3076 Prints

Nude (Orange) PR3078 Prints

Nude (Pale Blue) PR3075 Prints

Nude (Pink) PR3074 Prints

Nude (The River) PR3073 Prints

Nude (Two Tone) PR3077 Prints

Nude (Violet) PR3080 Prints

Nude and Lily PR2366 Prints

[Old woman profile, black shawl] PR2356 Prints

On the beach PR2364 Prints

One Pear Left on the Right PR2732 Prints

[Ox cart and oxen] PR2354 Prints

Self Portrait PR2353 Prints

Shaking the Tree PR3072 Prints

Singing in Flight PR2727 Prints

Sleeping Head PR2374 Prints

Square Vase PR2375 Prints

The Cuckoo PR2730 Prints

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