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School of Art

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School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


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Martin Brothers

Born: UK, England   Active: 1873-1914

Ceramicists. Four brothers who worked collectively: Robert Wallace (1843-1924), Charles Douglas (1846-1910), Walter Frazer (1859-1912) and Edwin Bruce (1860-1915). Wallace studied ceramics and sculpture at Lambeth School of Art, c.1860, and became the main sculptor for the business producing strange birds and humourous mugs with faces influenced by Gothic grotesques. Charles acted as business manager while Walter was the principal thrower. Their work was influenced by Japanese art and included flower and animal motifs in the muted colours characteristic of salt-glaze technique. After 1900 Edwin's work became more experimental with an emphasis on shape and glaze rather than applied decoration. Their kiln in Southall was fired usually only twice a year and they would expect a loss of about a third of their work on each firing

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

[Baluster vase] C4 Ceramics

[Blue vase with incised wavy line decoration] C27 Ceramics

[Bottle] C14 Ceramics

[Bottle] C19 Ceramics

[Bottle] C25 Ceramics

[Jug] C17 Ceramics

[Jug] C36 Ceramics

[Jug] C37 Ceramics

[Jug] C5 Ceramics

[Shaped vase] C2 Ceramics

[Shaped vase] C3 Ceramics

[Small jug] C20 Ceramics

[Small vase] C16 Ceramics

[Small vase] C18 Ceramics

[Small vase] C21 Ceramics

[Small vase] C24 Ceramics

[Small vase] C38 Ceramics

[Small vase] C39 Ceramics

[Small vase] C40 Ceramics

[Small vase] C41 Ceramics

[Small vase] C6 Ceramics

[Small vase with narrow neck] C1 Ceramics

[Vase] C10 Ceramics

[Vase] C11 Ceramics

[Vase] C12 Ceramics

[Vase] C13 Ceramics

[Vase] C1436 Ceramics

[Vase] C15 Ceramics

[Vase] C22 Ceramics

[Vase] C23 Ceramics

[Vase] C26 Ceramics

[Vase] C28 Ceramics

[Vase] C29 Ceramics

[Vase] C30 Ceramics

[Vase] C31 Ceramics

[Vase] C33 Ceramics

[Vase] C34 Ceramics

[Vase] C35 Ceramics

[Vase] C42 Ceramics

[Vase] C7 Ceramics

[Vase] C8 Ceramics

[Vase] C9 Ceramics

Wally Bird C32 Ceramics