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Robert Michael Greetham

Born: 1957, UK, Wales, Cardiff

Photographer, painter and writer. Studied at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1976-81, where he graduated with an MA in Art and Art History. He was Director of the Ffotogallery in Cardiff and editor of 'Ffotoview', 1982-83, and taught part-time at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1986-96. In 1988 he studied with the Italian photographer Roberto Salbitani (b.1945) and in 1993 undertook a residency at St.David's Hall, Cardiff. He lives and works in Cardiff where he produces large photo-paintings which explore the human figure and both urban and natural landscapes

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Capitol, Rome PH998 Photography

Cinema, Paphos, Cyprus PH1009 Photography

Crucifix, Sicily PH985 Photography

Florence PH999 Photography

Garage, Paphos, Cyprus PH1011 Photography

Graffiti, Spoleto PH997 Photography

Hafod 18 PH683 Photography

Hafod 6 PH681 Photography

Hafod 7 PH682 Photography

Majorca PH1006 Photography

Majorca PH1005 Photography

Majorca PH1004 Photography

Matera II PH1003 Photography

Matera PH1001 Photography

Matera PH1002 Photography

Old Quarter, Naples PH990 Photography

Ostuni PH1000 Photography

Piazza Navona, Rome PH989 Photography

Piazza Signoria, Florence PH984 Photography

Rome PH993 Photography

Rome PH1013 Photography

Tivoli PH992 Photography

Torso, Rome PH987 Photography

Villa Communale, Naples PH995 Photography

Villa Communale, Naples PH996 Photography

Villa Communale, Naples PH994 Photography

Villa Communale, Naples PH986 Photography

Villa Torlonia, Rome PH991 Photography

[Chastleton House] SPH4 StudentPhotography

Hatfield House SPH7 StudentPhotography

[Old College, Aberystwyth] SPH1 StudentPhotography

Packwood House SPH5 StudentPhotography

Waddesdon Manor SPH6 StudentPhotography