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Henri Matisse

Born: 1869, France, Picardy, La Cateau   Died: 1954, Cimiez, France

Painter, sculptor, printmaker, writer and textile and tapestry designer. Studied Law in Paris, 1887-88, but abandoned this to paint whilst recuperating from appendicitis. In 1892 he went to study at the Acadèmie Julian, before moving to the École des Beaux Arts under Gustave Moreau (1826-1898). Increasingly Matisse began to experiment demonstrating an understanding of the work of the Impressionists. His first exhibition was at the Salon des Indèpendents in 1901, where he met Maurice de Vlaminck. After his first solo show, in the Galerie Vollard in 1904, Matisse’s work became collectable. It was around this time that he met Pablo Picasso who became not only a lifelong friend but also an artistic rival. Fusing primitive art with the adapted techniques of the Pointillists he developed his own style, combining fluid lines and flat, vivid, unrealistic colours. Matisse became a founder member of the Fauve art movement together with Andre Derain and de Vlaminck. The first Fauve exhibition took place in the Salon d'Automne. Reactions were mixed, but paintings began to sell. Between 1920 and 1939 he lived mainly in the south of France, and produced a wide variety of art working intuitively according to his material. Following operations in 1941 and 1942, he experimented with decoupage, a design technique he had devised to overcome his increasingly innactive lifestyle.

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L'Espagnole [The Spaniard] PR825 Prints