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Charles William Sherborn

Born: 1831   Died: 1912

Painter and engraver of book plates. Together with George W. Eve (1855-1914) he was responsible for a small renaissance in the engraving of armorial book plates. His son, Charles Davies Sherborn, published 'A Sketch of the Life and Work of Charles William Sherborn, Painter-Etcher... with a catalogue of his bookplates' (London, 1912)

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Bridgewater Library PR452 Prints

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C.M. PR462 Prints

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Delectat et Ornat PR486 Prints

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J. Brocklebank PR441 Prints

Lily Antrobus PR483 Prints

Lord Battersea PR437 Prints

Lord Dunleath PR482 Prints

Marion S. Seigh PR465 Prints

Mary Edmunds PR490 Prints

R.H.R.Brocklebank PR442 Prints

R.H.R.Brocklebank PR443 Prints

Robert Day PR450 Prints

Robert Day PR451 Prints

Rosa Corder PR454 Prints

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