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Richard Earlom

Born: 1743, UK, England, London   Died: 1822, London

Engraver. Taught by Giovanni Battista Cipriani (1727-1785). He was the first engraver to combine etching with mezzotint. Worked for the publisher John Boydell for whom he etched Claude's 'Liber Veritatis', 200 plates published in two volumes in 1777. He produced numerous mezzotints of paintings by other well known artists including William Hogarth, Joseph Wright of Derby and Joseph Farrington

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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[River landscape with bridge and figures engaged in a picnic] PR118 Prints

[River landscape with figures, ferry boat, mill and goats] PR123 Prints

[River landscape with musicians and goats] PR125 Prints

[River landscape with trees, boat and figures] PR157 Prints

[Scene amongst Roman ruins with women embarming a dead man] PR140 Prints

[Scene from Liber Veritatis] PR177 Prints

[Seascape with boats, trees and artist sketching] PR200 Prints

Study for Moses Striking the Rock PR4338 Prints

Study for Moses Striking the Rock PR4337 Prints

The Death of Dido PR4338 Prints

The Embarkation of St Ursula PR145 Prints

[The murdered body of Coronis? is discovered by Apollo? in a landscape] PR179 Prints

[Three men, two with muskets and one sketching, in a classical Italian landscape] PR124 Prints

[Travellers on a road near a port] PR138 Prints

[Two angels visit mother and child in a lakeside landscape] PR170 Prints

[Two women in a grove one carrying bow and arrows (Jupiter and Calista?)] PR162 Prints

[Wooded landscape with shepherd, river, cattle and a large villa] PR195 Prints

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