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Edward Bouverie Hoyton

Born: 1900, UK, England, London, Lewisham   Died: 1988, Newlyn, Cornwall

Painter and printmaker. Studied etching under Stanley Anderson at Goldsmith's College, c.1919-24, where, along with Graham Sutherland (1903-1980), he was one of a small group of talented etchers of pastoral landscapes. He won the 1926 'Prix de Rome' allowing him to study at the British School at Rome between 1926 and 1929. During this time he travelled in Italy, France, Greece and Spain. He taught engraving at Leeds College of Art, 1934-41, before his appointment as Principal of Penzance School of Art, 1941-65. He also acted as Vice President of the St Ives Society of Artists until 1981. He produced portraits and landscapes, some abstract, particularly of sea cliffs

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Llanberis Pass PR600 Prints

[Low tide, boat leaning, Hayle, towards St Ives] PR2333 Prints

[Low tide, boats in estuary [Port Navas?]] PR2327 Prints

Lustleigh Cleeve PR2233 Prints

Lustleigh Cleeve PR2232 Prints

Lynmouth PR2299 Prints

Lynmouth (?) PR2298 Prints

[Male nude, rear] PR2152 Prints

Mont St Michel PR2229 Prints

Morgan Hayes PR2175 Prints

Morgan Hayes PR2176 Prints

Mousehole PR2291 Prints

[Nanjizel (abstract)] PR2337 Prints

Naum Gabo PR2265 Prints

[Near Ripon (?)] PR2283 Prints

Newark Priory PR2178 Prints

Newlyn Old Harbour PR2296 Prints

Newton Ferrers PR2302 Prints

Old Moffat PR2252 Prints

[Old Roman woman] PR2273 Prints

[Parthenon, Athens] PR2194 Prints

Plover's Barrow PR2170 Prints

Port Navas PR2295 Prints

[PZ10] PR2318 Prints

Regatta Day PR2234 Prints

Santa Ulalia del Rioc PR2352 Prints

Santa Ulalia del Rio PR2237 Prints

Santa Ulalia del Rio PR2238 Prints

Sappho in Lesbos PR2150 Prints

Sappho in Lesbos PR2151 Prints

Saracenesco PR2186 Prints

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