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Buarth Mawr
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[Closed jar] C600 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2022 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2023 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2024 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2025 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2026 Ceramics

[Coaster] C2027 Ceramics

[Coffee pot] C736 Ceramics

[Coffee service, pot, jug, sugar bowl and five cups and saucers] C743 Ceramics

[Communion cup] C723 Ceramics

[Cow creamer] C679 Ceramics

[Cow creamer] C680 Ceramics

[Cow creamer] C681 Ceramics

[Cow with milkmaid] C683 Ceramics

[Crab form dish] C648 Ceramics

[Crouching nude female figure] C454 Ceramics

[Cup] C653 Ceramics

[Cup and saucer] C693 Ceramics

[Cup and saucer] C694 Ceramics

[Cup with lizard handle] C806 Ceramics

[Decorated Plate] C2062 Ceramics

[Dish] C1149 Ceramics

[Dish] C1459 Ceramics

[Dish] C766 Ceramics

[Dish] C2028 Ceramics

[Dish] C2042 Ceramics

[Dish] C2044 Ceramics

[Double chambered whistling pot] C855 Ceramics

[Double handled vase] C714 Ceramics

[Double jar] C850 Ceramics

[Double jar] C851 Ceramics

[Double lobed bottle] C770 Ceramics

Dowry Pot C1204 Ceramics

[Dutch oven, rotisserie] C612 Ceramics

[Eight saucers] C691 Ceramics

[Eighteen plates with 'Wild Rose' design] C700 Ceramics

[Figure] C844 Ceramics

[Figure group, satyr and goddess] C624 Ceramics

[Figure of a bird] C443 Ceramics

[Figure of a bird, hawk with rabbit] C752 Ceramics

[Figure of a boy with fish and dolphin] C626 Ceramics

[Figure of a cupid] C441 Ceramics

[Figure of a cupid] C625 Ceramics

[Figure of a dog] C440 Ceramics

[Figure of a dragon on a rock] C748 Ceramics

[Figure of a duck] C509 Ceramics

[Figure of a girl reading] C685 Ceramics

[Figure of a lion] C615 Ceramics

[Figure of a man / tailor sewing] C745 Ceramics

[Figure of a young bird] C442 Ceramics

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