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School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


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[spear] WF126 Worldcraft

[spear] WF127 Worldcraft

[spear] WF128 Worldcraft

[spear] WF129 Worldcraft

[spear] WF130 Worldcraft

[spear] WF131 Worldcraft

[spear] WF49 Worldcraft

[spear] WF84 Worldcraft

[spear] WF85 Worldcraft

[spear] WF87 Worldcraft

[spear] WF88 Worldcraft

[spear] WF89 Worldcraft

[spear] WF91 Worldcraft

[spear] WF92 Worldcraft

[spear] WF94 Worldcraft

[spear] WF95 Worldcraft

[spear] WF96 Worldcraft

[spear] WF98 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF109 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF111 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF112 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF114 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF115 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF119 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF120 Worldcraft

[spear arrow] WF121 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF11 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF12 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF141 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF16 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF17 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF2 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF25 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF26 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF27 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF28 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF29 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF3 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF30 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF31 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF43 Worldcraft

[spoon] WF77 Worldcraft

[stool] WF102 Worldcraft

[stool] WF140 Worldcraft

[walking stick] WF4 Worldcraft

[walking stick] WF73 Worldcraft

[whip] WF78 Worldcraft

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