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Bert Isaac

Born: 1923, UK, Wales, Cardiff   Died: 2006, UK, Wales, Abergavenny

Painter and printmaker

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Bare Rock OP220 Oil Paintings

Black Landscape OP219 Oil Paintings

Blue Island OP221 Oil Paintings

Coastal Scene OP224 Oil Paintings

Coastal Storm OP222 Oil Paintings

Edge of the Green Wood OP229 Oil Paintings

Fallen Tree OP215 Oil Paintings

Hill Farm OP217 Oil Paintings

House Near the Shore OP225 Oil Paintings

Landscape with Tractor OP230 Oil Paintings

No2: Coastal Sunset OP232 Oil Paintings

Path to the Dunes OP226 Oil Paintings

Pink Field OP223 Oil Paintings

Seaside Sheds OP235 Oil Paintings

Still Life with Light Bulb OP234 Oil Paintings

Summer Orchard OP227 Oil Paintings

The Meeting OP228 Oil Paintings

Timber Yard OP231 Oil Paintings

Welsh Coast OP216 Oil Paintings

Welsh Landscape OP218 Oil Paintings

Willows OP233 Oil Paintings

PR4306 Prints

Blue Cross PR4276 Prints

Blue Fields PR4269 Prints

Brown Hill PR4299 Prints

Celtic Lands PR4288 Prints

Cross PR4275 Prints

Dark Trees PR4261 Prints

Estuary PR4286 Prints

Fleur De Mal PR4313 Prints

Gaffer's House PR4315 Prints

Green Circle PR4301 Prints

Green Field PR4272 Prints

Green Landscape PR4279 Prints

Hill House PR4304 Prints

Hill Side PR4300 Prints

Holy Mountain PR4291 Prints

Holy Mountain PR4292 Prints

Holy Mountain PR4319 Prints

Lane At Pendine PR4268 Prints

Matchmaker PR4289 Prints

Necklace PR4312 Prints

North Wales Coast PR4274 Prints

North Wales Landscape PR4290 Prints

Old 99 PR4262 Prints

Orange Sheds PR4318 Prints

Orange Tree PR4283 Prints

Orchard Tree PR4264 Prints

Outcrop PR4278 Prints

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