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Wenford Bridge Pottery

   Active: 1939-2005

Situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England, Wenford Bridge Pottery was established by Michael Cardew on the site of a derelict inn in 1939.

The pottery had two wood-fired kilns, the first of which was built in 1939. Only two glaze firings took place before Cardew had to leave the pottery to assist Ray Finch at Cardew’s Winchcombe Pottery after the outbreak of the Second World War. After this Cardew took a position of Pottery Instructor in the Gold Coast region of Africa, returning to England in 1948, at which point a second wood-fired kiln was built at Wenford Bridge.

Michael’s son Seth began working at the pottery in c1971, producing a variety of domestic ware and studio works. Seth’s own son, Ara, worked at Wenford bridge from 1981-1997, before moving to the USA. The pottery ceased operation in 2005 after Seth moved to Spain.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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C1763 Ceramics

C1815 Ceramics

C1816 Ceramics

C1817 Ceramics

C1818 Ceramics

C1819 Ceramics

C1820 Ceramics

C1821 Ceramics

C1822 Ceramics

C1823 Ceramics

C1824 Ceramics

C1853 Ceramics

C1890 Ceramics

[Bottle with stopper] C1838 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1750 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1751 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1752 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1753 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1754 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1767 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1768 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1777 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1778 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1779 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1780 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1781 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1782 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1783 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1784 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1785 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1878 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1879 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1880 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1881 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1882 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1883 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1884 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1885 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1893 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1953 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1954 Ceramics

[Bowl] C1959 Ceramics

[Bowl with flat rim] C1871 Ceramics

[Bread Croc] C1805 Ceramics

[Candlestick] C1813 Ceramics

[Candlestick] C1814 Ceramics

[Casserole] C1765 Ceramics

[Chalice] C1746 Ceramics

[Coffee bowl with handles] C1769 Ceramics

[Coffee pot] C1876 Ceramics

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