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Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Born: 1935, Australia, Ballarat   Died: 2013, UK, England, London

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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3 Ashed Bottles C1629 Ceramics

[Bowl With Lugs] C1927 Ceramics

[Deep Bowl] C1952 Ceramics

[Dinner plate] C1912 Ceramics

[Dinner plate] C1913 Ceramics

[Dinner plate] C1914 Ceramics

[Dinner plate] C1915 Ceramics

[Dinner Plate] C1916 Ceramics

[Dinner Plate] C1917 Ceramics

[Dish] C1924 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1939 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1940 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1941 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1942 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1943 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1944 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1945 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1946 Ceramics

[Egg Cup] C1949 Ceramics

[Jug] C1925 Ceramics

[Jug] C1928 Ceramics

[Jug] C1929 Ceramics

[Lidded Jar] C1926 Ceramics

[Lidded Jar] C1933 Ceramics

[Lidded Jug] C1938 Ceramics

[Mug] C1930 Ceramics

[Mug] C1931 Ceramics

[Mug] C1932 Ceramics

[Mug] C1950 Ceramics

[Plate] C1911 Ceramics

[Plate] C1918 Ceramics

[Plate] C1919 Ceramics

[Plate] C1920 Ceramics

[Plate] C1921 Ceramics

[Plate] C1922 Ceramics

[Plate] C1923 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1899 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1900 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1901 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1902 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1903 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1904 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1905 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1906 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1907 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1908 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1909 Ceramics

[Side plate] C1910 Ceramics

[Small Bowl] C1951 Ceramics

[Small Creamer] C1948 Ceramics

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