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John Dawson Watson

Born: 1832, UK, England, Yorkshire, Sedbergh   Died: 1892, UK, Wales, Conwy

Painter and illustrator. Son of successful solicitor, father of artist Dawson Dawson-Watson (1864-1939). Educated at Manchester School of Design, 1847-51, Alexander Davis Cooper’s (1820-95) London studio and at the Royal Academy Schools. He was predominantly a narrative figure painter working in oils and watercolour. A talented draughtsman he created, for example, 110 black and white drawings for Routledge’s new edition of ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’, 1860. He received commissions from periodicals such as Good Words, London Society and The Graphic. Exhibited his works at Ford Madox Brown’s (1821-93) house in the 1850s. Occasionally, he designed costumes for theatrical productions. In 1864, he was elected associate of the Society of Painters in Water Colour, becoming a full member in 1869, and, in 1876, honorary member of the Royal Watercolour Society in Belgium. In Manchester, he was a member of the Letherbrow Club.. He painted portraits and contemporary domestic genre scenes, including the local fishing community around Cullercoats, Northumberland, too. At the International Exhibition in Vienna, he was awarded a medal for his picture ‘The Poisoned Cup’ in 1872. He settled in Conwy, Caernarvonshire in 1884, and was a founding member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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A Cast in the Wagon PL4744 Prints1860s

A Cast in the Wagon PL4745 Prints1860s

A Christmas at Oldminster PL4779 Prints1860s

A Dream of Sin PL4791 Prints1860s

A Happy New Year PL4800 Prints1860s

A Pastoral PL4765 Prints1860s

A Summer's Eve PL4754 Prints1860s

Am I Not Right Oliver PL4764 Prints1860s

An Everyday Affair PL4813 Prints1860s

An Idyl of Labour PL4792 Prints1860s

Ash Wednesday PL4750 Prints1860s

Aunt Grace's Sweetheart PL4805 Prints1860s

Before the Walls PL4793 Prints1860s

Blankton Weir PL4775 Prints1860s

Bringing Home the May PL4811 Prints1860s

By the Wayside PL4807 Prints1860s

Changes PL4781 Prints1860s

Fled PL4794 Prints1860s

From Dull Court to Fairview PL4803 Prints1860s

Given Back on Xmas. Morn PL4780 Prints1860s

Gloria in Excelsis PL4782 Prints1860s

Going Down to the Boat PL4817 Prints1860s

Green Mantle PL4777 Prints1860s

Green Mantle PL4778 Prints1860s

Holiday Life at Ramsgate PL4755 Prints1860s

How One Ghost was Laid PL4822 Prints1860s

In the Times PL4757 Prints1860s

Judgement and Mercy PL4795 Prints1860s

Light and Darkness PL4808 Prints1860s

Milton PL4814 Prints1860s

Moonlight on the Beach PL4758 Prints1860s

Moses PL4783 Prints1860s

My Cousin's Portrait PL4784 Prints1860s

My Home PL4772 Prints1860s

No Change PL4773 Prints1860s

One Year Ago PL4801 Prints1860s

Over the Horn PL4796 Prints1860s

Resurgam PL4815 Prints1860s

Romance and a Curacy PL4751 Prints1860s

Sea Bathing PL4759 Prints1860s

Second Blossom PL4812 Prints1860s

Sowing in Tears PL4797 Prints1860s

Sowing in Tears PL4798 Prints1860s

Spring Days PL4752 Prints1860s

The Artist's Boat PL4809 Prints1860s

The Cornish Wreckers Hut PL4771 Prints1860s

The Cottar's Farewell PL4785 Prints1860s

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