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School of Art

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School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

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George Housman Thomas

Born: 1824, UK, England, London   Died: 1868, France, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Engraver, illustrator and painter. Son of a shipbroker, brother of William Luson Thomas (1830-1900), raised and schooled in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Upon leaving school, Thomas was apprenticed to a wood engraver named George Bonnar (1796-1836). In the early years of his career he set up a wood engraving business in Paris with his brother-in-law, another apprentice of Bonnar. Thomas's book illustrations at this time caught the attention of a New York City newspaper, who employed him as an illustrator in 1846. During this time he was also employed by the United States government to design bank notes. Returning to Europe for health reasons some years later, he witnessed first-hand the siege of Rome in 1849; his sketches of the event gained him long-term employment with the Illustrated London News. Thomas also gained the patronage of Queen Victoria, who commanded a number of paintings to be exhibited at the Royal Academy. Other notable works by Thomas include his illustrations of Wilkie Collins' Armadale, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher-Stowe, and Anthony Trollope's Last Chronicle of Barset

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Sergeant's Story PL4419 Prints1860s

An Artist at the Flower Show PL4385 Prints1860s

Apres Le Bal PL4389 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4394 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4395 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4397 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4398 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4399 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4400 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4401 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4402 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4403 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4404 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4405 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4406 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4407 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4408 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4409 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4410 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4411 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4412 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4413 Prints1860s

Armadale PL4414 Prints1860s

Aunt Phoebe's Stpry PL4417 Prints1860s

Autumn in the Canadian Woods PL4393 Prints1860s

Countess Reventlow PL4424 Prints1860s

Countess Spencer PL4420 Prints1860s

Lady Diana de Vere Beauclerk PL4421 Prints1860s

Lady Elma Bruce PL4425 Prints1860s

Lady Feodore Wellesley PL4429 Prints1860s

Princess Beatrice PL4426 Prints1860s

Princess Louise PL4423 Prints1860s

Story of Two Valentines PL4392 Prints1860s

The Boy's Letter Home PL4387 Prints1860s

The Carnival at Rome PL4382 Prints1860s

The Child's Evening Prayer PL4418 Prints1860s

The Fancy Fair PL4384 Prints1860s

The Hostage PL4396 Prints1860s

The Londoner's Spring PL4388 Prints1860s

The Princess of Wales PL4428 Prints1860s

The Queen of the Belgians PL4430 Prints1860s

Tired of Life PL4391 Prints1860s