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Marcus Stone

Born: 1840, UK, England, London   Died: 1921, UK, England, London, Kensington

Painter and illustrator. Son of painter Frank Stone ARA (1800-1859). Stone had no formal academic training but learnt in his father’s studio and by taking life classes given by painters such as William Powell Frith (1819-1909) and Augustus Egg (1816-63). Family friends included Charles Dickens (1812-70) who commissioned him e.g. to design the frontispiece of ‘Little Dorrit’ (1861) and the images for ‘Our Mutual Friend’ (1864). He also illustrated Anthony Trollope’s (1815-82) ‘He Knew He Was Right’ (1868-9), but his main profession was painting. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1858 and 1920. He experimented with modern-life and historical scenes but settled mainly on the romantic genre in the mid 1870s. Influenced by Dickens, he was interested in telling stories, depicting everyday events and emotions in his paintings. He was elected associate member of the Royal Academy in 1876 and full member in 1886. Some of his most successful paintings were ‘On the Road from Waterloo to Paris’ (1863) and ‘Il y en a toujours un autre’ (1882).

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A New Christmas Carol PL4259 Prints1860s

Drowned PL4257 Prints1860s

Flirtation a la Mode PL4258 Prints1860s

Our Honeymoon PL4255 Prints1860s

The Sarcastian's Household PL4260 Prints1860s

Thrice Won PL4261 Prints1860s

Twelfth-Night Characters PL4256 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4262 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4263 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4264 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4265 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4266 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4267 Prints1860s

Young Brown PL4268 Prints1860s