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Horace Hughes Stanton

Born: 1842   Died: 1914

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Lesson in Love PL4237 Prints1860s

At the Opera PL4238 Prints1860s

By the Sea PL4251 Prints1860s

Days at the Crystal Palace PL4239 Prints1860s

Dissolving Views PL4247 Prints1860s

Flo and Dido PL4243 Prints1860s

Foam of the Sea PL4246 Prints1860s

In April PL4248 Prints1860s

May in the Park PL4249 Prints1860s

Over the Welsh Mountains PL4250 Prints1860s

Sketches our Office Window PL4240 Prints1860s

The Archery Lesson PL4244 Prints1860s

The Lay of London-Super-Mare PL4245 Prints1860s

Which is the Fairest? PL4241 Prints1860s

Who Wins? PL4242 Prints1860s