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Charles Joseph Staniland

Born: 1838   Died: 1916

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Doctor's Story PL4219 Prints1860s

A London Fairy PL4227 Prints1860s

A May Day Story PL4228 Prints1860s

A Message from the Sea PL4202 Prints1860s

All Right at Last PL4201 Prints1860s

Chrysostom PL4222 Prints1860s

Granny's Spectacles PL4214 Prints1860s

John Hawthorne's Trial PL4220 Prints1860s

Lady Blanche's Dream PL4229 Prints1860s

Little Annie's Xmas. PL4230 Prints1860s

Lost and Found PL4231 Prints1860s

My Friend the Lamplighter PL4205 Prints1860s

Newport market by Night PL4206 Prints1860s

On the Nile PL4207 Prints1860s

Preaching the Crusades PL4200 Prints1860s

Resignation PL4208 Prints1860s

Round the Court PL4209 Prints1860s

The Bible Phraoh PL4215 Prints1860s

The Ebb of Tide PL4223 Prints1860s

The Faith of Marmontel PL4211 Prints1860s

The Good Captain PL4212 Prints1860s

The Heart of Stone PL4221 Prints1860s

The Midnight Lamp PL4213 Prints1860s

The Spectre Hand PL4225 Prints1860s

The Spectre Hand PL4226 Prints1860s

The Wild Bird's Song PL4216 Prints1860s

True and False Romance PL4224 Prints1860s

Under the Elms PL4217 Prints1860s

Under the Elms PL4218 Prints1860s