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School of Art

Contact Details

School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


Display artist/maker:

William Small

Born: 1843   Died: 1929


Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Muddy Day in Muddlesford PL4170 Prints1860s

Not an Uncommon Case PL4179 Prints1860s

On Hawthorne PL4180 Prints1860s

Only a Clerk PL4122 Prints1860s

Only a Clerk PL4123 Prints1860s

Over the Border of Middlesex PL4124 Prints1860s

Philip's Mission PL4113 Prints1860s

Playing for High Stakes PL4133 Prints1860s

Playing for High Stakes PL4134 Prints1860s

Playing for High Stakes PL4135 Prints1860s

Playing for High Stakes PL4136 Prints1860s

Ricardo's Benefit PL4185 Prints1860s

Selfishness PL4078 Prints1860s

Solo in Littore Secum PL4099 Prints1860s

St. Columb of Iona PL4125 Prints1860s

Sunday Morning PL4114 Prints1860s

The Dying Slave PL4065 Prints1860s

The Flag and the Tunnel PL4181 Prints1860s

The Fortune of the Granbys PL4088 Prints1860s

The Gift of Clunnog Water PL4100 Prints1860s

The Gifts. PL5173 Prints1860s

The Glover's Daughter PL5176 Prints1860s

The Glover's Daughter PL5177 Prints1860s

The Growing of the Grouse PL4079 Prints1860s

The Harvest Home PL4138 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5163 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5164 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5165 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5166 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5167 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5168 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5169 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5170 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5171 Prints1860s

The High Mills PL5172 Prints1860s

The Highland Student PL4115 Prints1860s

The King and the Bishop PL4093 Prints1860s

The Legend of the Holly PL5181 Prints1860s

The Old Yeomanry Weeks PL4089 Prints1860s

The Prize Maiden PL4094 Prints1860s

The Prize Maiden PL4101 Prints1860s

The Prize Maiden PL4102 Prints1860s

The Right of Wrong PL4127 Prints1860s

The Right of Wrong PL4128 Prints1860s

The Rose Wreath PL4129 Prints1860s

The Stag Hound PL4095 Prints1860s

The Starling PL4116 Prints1860s

The Starling PL4117 Prints1860s

The Starling PL4118 Prints1860s

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