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William Small

Born: 1843   Died: 1929


Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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A Queer Story PL4131 Prints1860s

A Little Boy on Crutches PL4069 Prints1860s

A Love Letter PL4137 Prints1860s

A Queer Story PL4130 Prints1860s

A Sleep Too Sound PL4121 Prints1860s

After the Season PL4182 Prints1860s

An Old Story PL4072 Prints1860s

Annie's First Flower PL4070 Prints1860s

Annie's First Flower PL4071 Prints1860s

At Night PL4063 Prints1860s

Beside the Stile PL4105 Prints1860s

Billy Blake's Best Coffin PL4090 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4106 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4107 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4108 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4109 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4110 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4111 Prints1860s

Blind John Netherton PL4112 Prints1860s

Carissimo PL4085 Prints1860s

Church Bells PL4064 Prints1860s

Deliverance PL4086 Prints1860s

Dorette PL4097 Prints1860s

Fair Margaret PL5174 Prints1860s

Fair Margaret PL5175 Prints1860s

Gathering Wild Flowers PL4073 Prints1860s

Gathering Wild Flowers PL4074 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4171 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4172 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4173 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4174 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4175 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4176 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4177 Prints1860s

Gideon's Rock PL4178 Prints1860s

Harvest Time PL4075 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL4098 Prints1860s

Imma and Eginhart PL4132 Prints1860s

Is It Worth While? PL4076 Prints1860s

Kattie and "The Deil" PL4091 Prints1860s

La Bonne Mere Nannette PL5178 Prints1860s

La Bonne Mere Nannette PL5179 Prints1860s

Larthon of Inis-Huna PL4092 Prints1860s

Lilies PL4087 Prints1860s

Milly's Doves PL4077 Prints1860s

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