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Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

Born: 1829, UK, Norfolk, Norwich   Died: 1904, UK, England, London, Kensington

Painter and illustrator. Son of a Norwich artist and brother of painter Emma Sandys (1843-77). Sandys started exhibiting locally already in 1839. In 1842, he received his first commission, painting birds of John Henry Gurney’s collection. He attended the Norwich School of Design from 1846 and won prizes at the Society of Arts, London, the same year and in 1847. The Reverend James Bulwer became an early patron in 1845, commissioning illustrations for his publications and portraits of his family. Sandys became well-known in London after publishing a caricature entitled ‘A Nightmare’, parodying John Everett Millais’s (1829-96) painting ‘Sir Isumbras at the Ford’ in 1857. He regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1851 and 1886; a retrospective exhibition of his work was held there in 1905. Sandys designed illustrations for magazines such as ‘Cornhill Magazine’ and ‘Good Words’ as well as producing oil paintings such as ‘Oriana’, 1861, and many popular portraits drawn with crayon and chalk rather than painted in oil. Another important commission for eleven author portraits came from the publisher Macmillan in the 1880s. Birmingham City Art Gallery now holds the largest collection of his work.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Cleopatra PL3996 Prints1860s

From my Window PL3984 Prints1860s

Harold Harfagr PL3992 Prints1860s

Helen and Cassandra PL3997 Prints1860s

Jacques de Caumont PL3988 Prints1860s

Manoli PL3989 Prints1860s

Sleep PL3995 Prints1860s

The Boy Martyr PL3993 Prints1860s

The King at the Gate PL3990 Prints1860s

The Old Chartist PL3991 Prints1860s

The Portent PL3981 Prints1860s

The Sailor's Bride PL3982 Prints1860s

The Three Statues of Aegina PL3986 Prints1860s

Until her Death PL3987 Prints1860s

Warwolf PL3994 Prints1860s