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Matthew Somerville Morgan

Born: 1836   Died: 1890

Born in 1837, he was mostly known for his political cartoons in many publications, as well as doing theatre posters for major American acts in both the United States and Great Britain. He came from an actor background. In 1859 he covered the Franco-Prussian war. He studied in Paris, Italy and Spain and was one of the first artists to make it to Africa in his early years. In 1859, he reported the Second Italian War of Independence for the News. In the 1860s, he became joint editor and proprietor of the Tomahawk, a comic illustrated London paper. The London publication Fun was created, with Morgan as an artist. The most notable of his cartoons were attacks on the royal family, the first that were ever made. He continued to draw the main cartoons for Fun until October 1864. He also had a vibrant career in the US.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Alone with the Tide PL3465 Prints1860s

Off Scarborough PL3466 Prints1860s

The Quarter Before the Derby PL3467 Prints1860s