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Sir Anthony van Dyck

Born: 1599, Netherlands, Flemish, Antwerp   Died: 1641, London

Painter. Pupil of Hendrick Balen (1575?-1632) in Antwerp. After graduating from the painters' guild in 1618 he worked in the studio of Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) for two years. In 1620 he moved briefly to London where he served under James I, after which he travelled and worked in Italy, mainly in Genoa, between 1621 and 1627. He then returned to Antwerp, 1628-32, before being appointed Painter to Charles I in England, 1632-41, who awarded him a knighthood. He worked mainly as a portraitist of royals and nobility but also painted religious and mythological works and landscapes in watercolour. He also produced etched portraits of his contemporaries some of which were published posthumously in 'Iconography'

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