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John Everett Millais

Born: 1829, Southampton, UK   Died: 1896, UK

Painter and illustrator. At a young age studied at Sass’s Art School and soon afterwards at the Royal Academy Schools, as their youngest ever student. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1846 where he met William Holman Hunt and, along with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. His painting ‘Ophelia’ (1851-2) is perhaps the most famous in the Pre-Raphaelite school. He was also an accomplished illustrator, producing vast quantities of work for books and magazines. He became a full member of the Royal Academy in 1863 and in 1896 was elected President.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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A Head of Hair for Sale PL3288 Prints1860s

A Lost Love PL3269 Prints1860s

A Scene for a Study PL3392 Prints1860s

A Wife PL3280 Prints1860s

Ah Me, She was a Winsomemaid PL3316 Prints1860s

Dark Gordon's Bride PL3289 Prints1860s

Death Dealing Arrows PL3448 Prints1860s

Endymion on Latmos PL3365 Prints1860s

Framley Parsonage PL3295 Prints1860s

Framley Parsonage PL3282 Prints1860s

Framley Parsonage PL3296 Prints1860s

Framley Parsonage PL3281 Prints1860s

Framley Parsonage PL3278 Prints1860s

Hacho the Dane PL3382 Prints1860s

Highland Flora PL3302 Prints1860s

Iphis and Anaxarete PL3298 Prints1860s

Irene PL3318 Prints1860s

La Fille Bien Gardee PL3270 Prints1860s

Last Words PL3283 Prints1860s

Limerick Bells PL3336 Prints1860s

Madame De Monferato PL3401 Prints1860s

Magenta PL3271 Prints1860s

Maid Avoraine PL3337 Prints1860s

Margaret Wilson PL3338 Prints1860s

Master Olaf PL3290 Prints1860s

Maus Clare PL3272 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3303 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3304 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3305 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3306 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3307 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3308 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3310 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3311 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3312 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3313 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3314 Prints1860s

Musa PL3284 Prints1860s