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School of Art

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School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


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James Mahoney

Born: 1810, Ireland, Cork   Died: 1879, UK, England, London

Illustrator and watercolourist, ARHA. Son of a joiner. It is thought that he studied in Rome. His subsequent travels throughout Italy and France inspired the watercolour townscapes he exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy, 1842-46. Soon after, the Illustrated London News employed Mahoney to visit Clonakilty and Skibbereen in West Cork, two areas ravaged by famine, and sketch his observations; the resulting engravings swayed the public opinion and forced the British government to act. In 1856 Mahoney was elected a associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy, and in 1859 he moved to London and began exhibiting at the Royal Academy. During this time he resumed his illustrating career, working for the Illustrated London News amongst numerous other London journals and the 'Household Edition' of Charles Dickens' works.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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A Sun-Dial in a Churchyard PL3209 Prints1860s

A Visit to Marie PL3077 Prints1860s

A Xmas Evening PL3198 Prints1860s

Adventures Ashore and Afloat PL3065 Prints1860s

Adventures Ashore and Afloat PL3066 Prints1860s

Among the Pennine Alps PL3067 Prints1860s

Ascent of Snowden PL3208 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5133 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5134 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5135 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5136 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5137 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5138 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5139 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5140 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5141 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5142 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5143 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5144 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5145 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5146 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5147 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5148 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5149 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5150 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5151 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5152 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5153 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5154 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5155 Prints1860s

At His Gates PL5156 Prints1860s

Between the Lights PL3141 Prints1860s

Busy Margie PL5157 Prints1860s

Dame Martha's Well PL3210 Prints1860s

Fisher Bill PL3068 Prints1860s

Fisher Bill PL3069 Prints1860s

Fisher Bill PL3070 Prints1860s

German Miners PL5158 Prints1860s

Giovanne PL3106 Prints1860s

Going to the Drawing Room PL3228 Prints1860s

Holiday Hearts PL3205 Prints1860s

Hoppety Bob PL3199 Prints1860s

Just Suppose PL3142 Prints1860s

Love Days PL3108 Prints1860s

Love Days PL3109 Prints1860s

Matchmaking PL3229 Prints1860s

Miss Morten's Mince Pies PL3240 Prints1860s

Mistress and Maid PL3309 Prints1860s

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