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School of Art

Contact Details

School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


Display artist/maker:

Matthew James Lawless

Born: 1837   Died: 1864

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Beauty's Toilet PL2532 Prints1860s

A Box on the Ears PL2533 Prints1860s

A Legend of Swaffham PL2503 Prints1860s

An Angel's Visit PL2514 Prints1860s

Broken Toys PL2542 Prints1860s

Confessions of St. Valentine PL2522 Prints1860s

Dead Love PL2538 Prints1860s

Dippington PL2534 Prints1860s

Dr. Johnson's Penance PL2529 Prints1860s

Effie Gordon PL2523 Prints1860s

Effie Gordon PL2524 Prints1860s

Effie Meadows PL2515 Prints1860s

Expectation PL2548 Prints1860s

Fleurette PL2526 Prints1860s

Florinda PL2504 Prints1860s

Gifts PL2540 Prints1860s

Heinrich Frauenlob PL2544 Prints1860s

Honeydew PL2539 Prints1860s

John of Padua PL2547 Prints1860s

King Dyring PL2527 Prints1860s

Not For You PL2546 Prints1860s

Only for Something to Say PL2505 Prints1860s

Oysters and Pearls PL2516 Prints1860s

Rung into Heaven PL2530 Prints1860s

Sentiment from the Shambles PL2501 Prints1860s

Sentiment from the Shambles PL2502 Prints1860s

Surreptitious Correspondence PL2535 Prints1860s

The Bands of Love PL2531 Prints1860s

The Betrayed PL2517 Prints1860s

The Bride of Galtrim PL2506 Prints1860s

The Bride of Pattrim PL2507 Prints1860s

The Dead Bride PL2536 Prints1860s

The Death of of Oenone PL2520 Prints1860s

The Death of of Oenone PL2521 Prints1860s

The Doomed Cottage PL2525 Prints1860s

The Head Master's Sister PL2508 Prints1860s

The Head Master's Sister PL2509 Prints1860s

The Head Master's Sister PL2510 Prints1860s

The Linden Trees PL2541 Prints1860s

The Lots Upon the Raft PL2512 Prints1860s

The Minstrel's Curse PL2518 Prints1860s

The Player and The Listeners PL2545 Prints1860s

The Two Beauties PL2519 Prints1860s

Twilight PL2528 Prints1860s

What Befel Me at the Assizes PL2537 Prints1860s