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School of Art

Contact Details

School of Art
Aberystwyth University
Buarth Mawr
SY23 1NG

Tel: +44 (0)1970 622460

Fax: +44 (0)1970 622461


Display artist/maker:

Edward Hughes

Born: 1832   Died: 1908

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Adriana PL2221 Prints1860s

Adriana PL2222 Prints1860s

Adriana PL2223 Prints1860s

Adriana PL2224 Prints1860s

Adriana PL2225 Prints1860s

Alice PL2233 Prints1860s

An Idyl of the Hayfield PL2226 Prints1860s

Easter Idyls PL2244 Prints1860s

He and I PL2234 Prints1860s

In Duty Bound PL2245 Prints1860s

In Duty Bound PL2246 Prints1860s

Janet's Question PL2216 Prints1860s

Major Harvey's Wedding PL2227 Prints1860s

Miriam PL2217 Prints1860s

Mother Mahnoey's Recompence PL2243 Prints1860s

My Aunt's Advice PL2228 Prints1860s

My Schoolfellows PL2235 Prints1860s

My Schoolfellows PL2236 Prints1860s

Poor Christine PL2237 Prints1860s

Teething PL2239 Prints1860s

The Bitter and the Sweet PL2218 Prints1860s

The Breton Mother PL2229 Prints1860s

The Bride of Eberstein PL2242 Prints1860s

The Fatal Tryst PL2230 Prints1860s

The First Tooth PL2219 Prints1860s

The Ghost Detective PL2231 Prints1860s

The Kloareck of Vannes PL2240 Prints1860s

The Learned Wife PL2238 Prints1860s

The Maiden's Heart PL2232 Prints1860s

The Snow Queen PL2241 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2247 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2248 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2249 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2250 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2251 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2252 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2253 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2254 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2255 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2256 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2257 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2258 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2259 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2260 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2261 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2262 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2263 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2264 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2265 Prints1860s

Two Years PL2266 Prints1860s

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