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Arthur Hughes

Born: 1832   Died: 1915

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

At the Sepulchre PL2208 Prints1860s

Blessing in Disguise PL2210 Prints1860s

Carmina Nuptialia PL2211 Prints1860s

Carmina Nuptialia PL2212 Prints1860s

Fancy PL2214 Prints1860s

Margaret Denzil's History PL2207 Prints1860s

Not Mine PL2215 Prints1860s

The Farewell Valentine PL2209 Prints1860s

The Mariner's cave PL2213 Prints1860s

The Tent Maker's Story PL2206 Prints1860s

Vanity Fair PL5128 Prints1860s