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Thomas Gray

   Active: 1860s

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

About Household Games PL1882 Prints1860s

Dolly PL1898 Prints1860s

Engaged PL1877 Prints1860s

My Escape from Hydropathy PL1884 Prints1860s

Oxford Before Commemoration PL1886 Prints1860s

Oxford Before Commemoration PL1887 Prints1860s

Oxford Before Commemoration PL1888 Prints1860s

Reginald Warrender PL1883 Prints1860s

Roland York PL1889 Prints1860s

Roland York PL1890 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1891 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1892 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1893 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1894 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1895 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1896 Prints1860s

Roland Yorke PL1897 Prints1860s

The Castle Garden PL1899 Prints1860s

The Monday Popular Concerts PL1885 Prints1860s

Where Shall We Go? PL1878 Prints1860s

Where Shall We Go? PL1879 Prints1860s

Where Shall We Go? PL1880 Prints1860s

Where Shall We Go? PL1881 Prints1860s