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Paul Mary Gray

Born: 1842   Died: 1866

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

A Fight on Rhu-Carn PL1857 Prints1860s

Among the Flowers PL1856 Prints1860s

An English October PL1873 Prints1860s

Blanche PL1858 Prints1860s

Blanche PL1859 Prints1860s

Clara Linnell's Commentary PL1828 Prints1860s

Dorcas - A Disciple PL1829 Prints1860s

Goldsmith at the Temple Gate PL1876 Prints1860s

Hans Euler PL1846 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1830 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1831 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1832 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1833 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1834 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1835 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1836 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1837 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1838 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1839 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1840 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1841 Prints1860s

Hereward PL1842 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1861 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1862 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1863 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1864 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1865 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1866 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1867 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1868 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1869 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1870 Prints1860s

Hobson's Choice PL1871 Prints1860s

Moses Saved from the Waters PL1851 Prints1860s

My Darling Down by the Sea PL1845 Prints1860s

Other People's Windows PL1875 Prints1860s

Quid Femina Possit PL1847 Prints1860s

Quid Femina Possit PL1848 Prints1860s

Quid Femina Possit PL1849 Prints1860s

Quid Femina Possit PL1850 Prints1860s

Sketches of the Cowgate PL1843 Prints1860s

The Huntress of Armorica PL1872 Prints1860s

The Maiden Martyr PL1844 Prints1860s

The Phantom Ship PL1860 Prints1860s

The Twins PL1852 Prints1860s

The Twins PL1853 Prints1860s

To a Flirt PL1874 Prints1860s

Two Chapters of Life PL1854 Prints1860s