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Mary Ellen Edwards

Born: 1838, UK, England, Surbiton    Died: 1934, UK, England, London, Ealing   Active: ca. 1859-1910

Later Mrs Freer. Later Mrs Staples.

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

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Forsaken PL1189 Prints1860s

Found and Drowned PL1206 Prints1860s

Found Drowned PL1205 Prints1860s

Found Drowned PL1207 Prints1860s

Found Drowned PL1208 Prints1860s

Gone PL1159 Prints1860s

Grandfather's Sunday PL1184 Prints1860s

Grandfather's Sunday PL1185 Prints1860s

Harry Northwood PL1330 Prints1860s

Her First Season PL1158 Prints1860s

Hope Deferred PL1282 Prints1860s

It Snows PL1163 Prints1860s

Julia Mary PL1322 Prints1860s

June-An Idyl PL1190 Prints1860s

Lady Acorn Visits Newgate PL5043 Prints1860s

Little Red Shoes PL1323 Prints1860s

Lucy PL1164 Prints1860s

Madeline PL1324 Prints1860s

May PL1191 Prints1860s

Met Again PL1247 Prints1860s

Mourning PL1192 Prints1860s

Mr. Grubb's Adventure. PL5046 Prints1860s

Music PL1283 Prints1860s

My Love PL1331 Prints1860s

Nelly's Message PL1284 Prints1860s

On the Shore PL1197 Prints1860s

Only a Year Ago PL1255 Prints1860s

Opening Day PL1276 Prints1860s

Passing Away PL1193 Prints1860s

Patty's Revenge PL1227 Prints1860s

Patty's Revenge PL1228 Prints1860s

Patty's Revenge PL1229 Prints1860s

Rest PL1248 Prints1860s

Rose Song PL1309 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1218 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1219 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1220 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1221 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1222 Prints1860s

Ruth Thornbury PL1223 Prints1860s

Second Love PL1285 Prints1860s

Shadows on the Stream PL1194 Prints1860s

Shipwrecked Hopes PL1160 Prints1860s

Sir Guy's Goblet PL1243 Prints1860s

Snowed Up PL1277 Prints1860s

Something to my Advantage PL1230 Prints1860s

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