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Display artist/maker:

Edith Dunn

   Active: 1862 - 1906

Later Mrs T.O.Hume

Objects in the collections associated with this artist/maker

Among the Hop Gardens PL1140 Prints1860s

Christmas Eve PL1162 Prints1860s

Cupid at a Boating Party PL1141 Prints1860s

Cutting the Neck PL1134 Prints1860s

Early Sorrow PL1147 Prints1860s

Evening on the Balcony PL1146 Prints1860s

For the Sake of Uniformity PL1142 Prints1860s

Forward PL1151 Prints1860s

Going A'Maying PL1135 Prints1860s

In a Minute PL1131 Prints1860s

Looking for a Father PL1137 Prints1860s

Lost PL1152 Prints1860s

Lost PL1153 Prints1860s

Old Letters PL1132 Prints1860s

The Best Fairy PL1138 Prints1860s

The Evening Hymn PL1154 Prints1860s

The New Nurse PL1148 Prints1860s

The Organ Blower PL1149 Prints1860s

The Organ Blower PL1149 Prints1860s

The Ragged School Treat PL1139 Prints1860s

The Teacher's Lesson PL1133 Prints1860s

The Two Valentines PL1143 Prints1860s

The Two Valentines PL1144 Prints1860s

The Two Valentines PL1145 Prints1860s

Tranquility PL1155 Prints1860s

Winter Violets PL1150 Prints1860s